What We Do

LTI Lally Transportation is committed to developing unique freight and logistics solutions that ensure maximum safety, excellent service and performance.

Delivering an efficient, consistent and innovative service means we are able to offer competitive rates and exceed client expectations.

We specialize in

  • We haul Fresh Produce from Farm locations, Food Chains, Warehouses and various US Ports.
  • Frozen Bakery, Dairy Products, and all type of Dry & Temperature controlled Food & Grocery items.
  • Pharmaceutical products & Medicinal shipments.
  • Electronics, Non-Hazardous chemicals and Auto-Parts.
  • Nursery loads, Temperature controlled Plants & Flowers.
  • Paper rolls, Cardboard and all kind of Packaging Material.
  • Farm Equipment, Forklifts & Floor loaded Furniture & MUCH MORE!

If you are looking to move a freight which requires extra attention, Additional Logistics Bars or Straps to secure the load, simply speak to our Dedicated Dispatch Team today because we find the way or make one!

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