At LTI Lally Transportation, We take every measure possible to ensure our drivers are well equipped, well trained, and well rested.

  • All of Our Tractors are Satellite Equipped and Can be Monitored 24 hours.
  • Brand New Trailers in the fleet
  • On site workshop & Garage for regular maintenance of Trucks & Trailers.
  • Periodic Mandatory Safety Orientation Classes for City & Long haul drivers
  • Making maintenance and technological updates a priority.
  • Keeping our drivers trained with new safety information and techniques.
  • Taking the safest and most direct routes to destinations.
  • Ensuring drivers check-in with their home base at all times.
  • More than 10 Teams in our fleet to haul Time Sensitive and Rush shipments.

We understand that our Clients have a safety protocol/concerns of their own. We want to partner with our customers and exceed their safety standards. Our goal is to make transportation/delivery department of our customers to be the safest and we firmly believe that we can achieve it together.

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